Analysis of reluctance coil launcher performance using coupled field-circuit method


In this paper, a hybrid method combing electromagnetic field and circuit is presented to analyze the performance of reluctance coil launcher (RCL). Firstly, the two-dimensional (2-D) parametric model of reluctance coil launcher is set up using Maxwell 2-D simulation software of Ansoft corporation. And the 2-D model is exported. Secondly, the load and drive circuitry is created in the environment of schematic capture. Finally, the simulation is researched using the model which is created based on the coupled field-circuit. According to the simulation results, the effect of the multi-layer winding structure of the drive coil, its turns and the cross-section area of the armature to the performance of the launcher is analyzed. All results are useful for the improvement of the reluctance coil launcherpsilas performance.


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